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    an ‘interesting’ video on the rise of Social Media, and the shift in Paradigm that they are entailing.  I’m not sure i have an opinion on this yet:

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    Here is a gallery of the photos from today’s Demonstrations at Paris, which took presence in the Presence of Mohsen Makhmalbaf, as well Jack Lang (former education minister and one of the heads of the Socialist Party in France), a representative of Bertrand Delanoe (mayor of Paris), Representative of the government’s UMP party, representatives from the Communist party, the Iranian students Union, the head of the french student union, as well as the Union of Jewish Students in france.

    Here is a video of Makhmalbaf’s speech:

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    I dont know what to say, other than just to listen to it, and try and not cry. All the more poignant now that we are hearing of the slaughter that is going on in the streets of our beloved country.

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