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This is something that would never come up in Iran, due to its racially homogenous nature, however in Canada and France, the question of the Origin of your Teacher, is a fun hobby of students.  With my students in grade 8 i have managed quite well to keep the mystery alive.  They top three hypotheses for my origin among my students are:

  1. Portugese
  2. Anglophone (to them i guess that is a 'race')
  3. Pakistani (with honourable mention going to Iranian!)

 So for the moment i have said nothing.

However, for Anne-Laure's first year university class (to him i give physics and chemistry oral examinations) the mystery has been solved.  They actually thought i was the guy in this commercial:

00:31 – July 21, 2006

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SO, i finally had my ‘special root canal’ today. Here is the situaiton:

All my life i’ve taken good care of my teeth. However around 5 or 6 years ago, one of my lower left Molar’s starting hurting, and hurting badly. I went to my dentist at the time and he said that the root (the nerve tissue) had decayed and is in bad shape. A root canal is needed.

So what is a root canal? Well, what they do is they break the crown of your tooth open (with the drill), and then they go in there, and they basically scrubb out the ‘pulp tissue’ with their special tools. The pulp tissue is the combination of the nerve with the lymphatic vessels and blood vessels. The canal is the place in the tooth where these things are.

You ask how do these things go bad in the first place? Well, when you don’t brush or floss properly, you start developing cavaties.

As an interesting side note, do you know what it is that causes cavities? well let me tell you. There are two methods by which cells produce energy from glucose: Aerobic (oxygen using) and Anaerobic (not using oxygen) respiration. Of the latter, there are two kinds: Lactic Acid fermentation and Alcoholic fermentation. Alcoholic fermentation is the reason we have alcoholic drinks. Yeasts for example take the glucose from say, apples, or raisins and use it to produce energy and as a by-product/waste produce alcohol. The other, Lactic Acid fermentation is waht happens in our muscles when we do sprint/anaerobic excersize. That is also the method, by which bacteria that live in our mouths produce their energy. They take the glucose from our food, and through glycolysis+lactic acid fermentation produce their energy. They produce Lactic Acid as by-product. That lactic acid is able to dissolve the enamel of the tooth, and you have cavities. Voila!

So when you have cavities various object can get into the inside of the tooth. When some bacteria get in there, they infect the aforementioned pulp tissue of the tooth. Then you have to do a root canal to get all the infected tissue out and instead fill the tooth in with filling. The tooth at this point is dead, by you keep it there so that you can go on with your daily functioning.

So then, the question you are asking is “Why did you have get your endodontic retreatment?”

Well, it appears that my FORMER dentist who performed the original root canal, managed to leave a tiny of tissue at the end of my tooth, near the end of the root. In addition since (thanks to that $%&&*$ bastard Mike harris) i no longer have dental coverage, i did not get my yearly checkups. Therefore the equation is easy to follow:

Leftover decayed/infected root + 5+years of no checkup = Major infection in the tooth and that part of the jaw

It’s not as bad as it sounds…or is it? it might be. So now we wait for this. I will have to do a cycle of antibiotics, and then checkup every few months to see if the infection is healing, which i hope it will. What happens if even this doesn’t work? well, unfortunatley then the only solution would be to remove the tooth, put in bone tissue into the jaw where the infection has destroyed the bone, let it regraft back in, then get a tooth implant. Total cost = $4500+ !!!!

For now, i’m good. The doctor, Simone Seltzer, was great and very nice. Hopefully this will all work out. If you are interested in more info about endodontics look here.

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depleted uranium

Article on Depleted Uranium

Here is the link to my article this in Shahrvand, about Depleted Uranium Weapons that the US has been using illegally since the first Gulf War.


The very UN resolution that banned the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) also stated that Depleted Uranium is considered illegal and should be banned. It urged “all states to be guided in their national policies by the need to curb the production and spread of weapons of mass destruction � in particular nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, fuel-air bombs, napalm, cluster bombs, biological weaponry and weaponry containing depleted uranium [emphasis added]“.

Read the rest of the article here …

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Doctors these days!!!

When was the last time a doctor called you to their office, urgently, and when you got there, they asked you ” why do you think i called you here?”

Honestly, that’s somethign i would expect a teacher to ask me, if they call me to detention. But that is what the doctor asked me nonetheless.

My chicken pox has now receded, and save for a few pox which i couldn’t help but scratch. I had a few days of rather high fever, and then a few sleepless nights of voracious itching. But that is to be expected when one gets chicken pox at the age of 25. All in all, i looked quite funny, and felt even funnier.

However a few days ago my doctor called and said that i really need to come in an discuss my blood test results with a ‘specialist’. Naturally that makes you wonder and think what the hell is going on. So finally after a few days of waiting i went ot see the specialist today.

So i go in there, and he looks at me, and then at my file. Clearly he has no idea why I am there. Then he asks me:

“Why do you think doctor N. sent you to see me?”

If i was not astounded by the quesiton, i would have asked “isn’t that what i’m here for YOU to tell ME?”. Anyways, what follows is the kind of questioning that one would expect when one is meeting a doctor for the first time for a yearly checkup. By the end he says that my blood test showed that i have a low white blood cell count and platelet count. I ask him, isn’t that how it is supposed to be when i have an infection. He looks at me and then says, well yes, in fact your numbers are exactly where one would suppose them to be at the beginning of a viral infection.

then we sit there and look at each other for a while and then he says, ok then, well it was nice meeting you. do another test in three weeks and you’ll be fine.

So what does one say to that?

The problem clearly is that doctors have made deals with each other that they will refer patients to each other for a bit of extra cash. The thing that no one realizes is that these patients are a little more than files with numbers on them. they are people with emotions and worries and anxieties, and they deserve to be treated a little bit more humanely.

My poor mother was so worried about what was wrong with me that she could barely sleep at night for the past week. Now i ask you, is that really fair?

These young doctors that come out nowadays are not doctors because they have any passion for being a doctor or for helping people or curing diseases. They are all in it to make money. I’m not saying there is anythign wrong with making money, but as a doctor it should NOT be your prime motivation. These are the same kind of people who will easily make deals with pharmaceutical companies to perscribe their drugs in the case of the slightest sign of a disease, without the slightest hesitation. Dammit, I’m ranting again.

Looking at the kind of people who are making it into the Univ. of Toronto school of medicine, it is not one bit surprising.

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Attack of the Pox

That’s right folks, i have managed … somehow … to contract … CHICKEN POX! That’s right, after nearly 26 years of life and numerous exposures to this funny disease, somehow i managed to come down with it. IS THAT NOT THE COOLEST THING.

It started saturday night with some slight fever, followed by some more fever the day after. I saw some bumps one on my face, one on my arm, one on my head, and i randomly picked at them figuring they were by-products of the fever. However the next morning i woke up, and i was … COVERED. i pretty much looked like an extra-large polka dot covered piece of underwear.

so let’s recount. that makes it TWO TIMES in the span of the last 8 months that i have come down with some kind of weird rare sickness (i had got mono in march). Add that to the pneumonia that i got in late ’98 and the Mumps that i got when i was just under a year old, and i’ve had 5 major diseases in my life.

I have to say that it has a most interesting experience. I certainly look very funny.

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