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Musical Philosophical Nightmare

It was a couple of weeks ago, when sleeping in the throws of a mild fever, i had one of those fantastic fever-induced surreal dream/nightmares.  Now before i continue, if for no reason other than to set my mother aflight with worry, i should add that it was mild, and nothign serious, in fact i enjoyed it quite the lot.

I remember when i was a kid my particular dreams in this state involved inflation of body parts or things in my room.  A general change of size thigns.  And it wasn’t nightmarish in the Freddy Krueger sense of the word either (i can recall two nightmares in my entire life, and one of them was rather psychological more than anything else), so i’m not even sure if this one shoudl qualify as a ‘nightmare’ per se.  But it does make for a nice post-title.

The fantastic thing about this fever-induced dream was that i was a musical! That’s right, not musical (as in the adjective), but also A MUSICAL (as in the noun, as in South Pacific, or Moulin Rouge).  What was even more fantastic was the fact that it was a musical about the Philosophy of Physics.  And what was even more fantastic was that it was complete!  So here is the summary:

I had a fever induced nightmare which consisted of a Musical about the Philosophy of Physics.  And it was in three acts! The first and final act were in the classroom with my students, and the middle act was in the Teachers’ Lounge. Honestly, if i could have more nightmares of that nature, i would not mind it one bit.  I was so totally awestruck when i woke up in the morning.

And why was it a nightmare, you ask?  Because not only where none of the students were actually paying attention (that’s pretty normal for my students), but i also kept missing the High C!!!!

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It has become – at least for me – impossible to seperate Paris, Amelie Poulain, and Yann Tiersen‘s Music (even though he is originally from Bretagne). What the two latter part of that tripod give me is in inexplicable sense of happiness without reason, without argument. That is true in fact with much Tiersen’s Music. Here is one of my absolute favourite pieces – if not THE favourite – called “La Noyee” (the drowned person), which is an apt title, because it certainly is able unleash a dam of tears each and every single time, not because of sadness or happiness, but because … i dont know why!


03:56 – April 01, 2007

[tags]yann, tiersen, amelie, poulain, paris, music, accordion[/tags]

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All those who celebrate NOEL, happy holidays to you!!

For our musical interlude today, a vintage bit of that clown prince of the piano, Victor Borge.  I’ve got a lot of other good stuff from this guy, he’s jsut wonderful.

08:14 – October 28, 2006

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I’ve decided there is simply not enough music on this blog, especially when music is such an important part of my own life.  So i am going to have regular musical intervals, mostly classical, mostly piano, mostly things i wish i could play and i can’t yet. (i must be careful that it is not mostly Evgeny kissin either),

So for our first interlude, Here is evgeny kissin interpreting one of Scriabian’s most beautiful Etudes (Op. 8 No. 12).  It is not the ultimate interpretation (that is reserved for Horowitz in his 1987 return to moscow concert), but still it is very beautifully done.

08:57 – April 20, 2006

[tags]scriabin, etude, kissin, evgeny, piano, pianist, performance, concert, recital, classical[/tags]

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