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Bundle O’Links – XII

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  • Novel security measures: The story of a man who was banned from a flight because the novel he was reading had the picture of man holding a stick of dynamite!

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  • Bundle O’ Links XI

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    Bundle O’ links X

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    Iraq’s New Democracy

     Here it is.  A new survey by Johns Hopkins University has put the estimate of Iraqi deaths since the 2003 american invasion, at 655,000. I'm going to rewrite that in large letters for those who need to see it in large letters:

     an estimated 655,000 iraqis have died since the illegal american invasion of 2003

    You know, you have to congratulate the United States of America.  They managed to do in a meager 3 years, what one of the worst dictators of the 20th century was unable to achieve in over 40 years of tyrannical reign.  

    This should shed some light in the eyes of even those idiots who justified their country's illegal invasion of a sovereign nation under false pretences and fabricated documents, by saying that at least we got rid of that dicatator Saddam.  Yea well, i bet iraqi's are looking back at the days of saddam hussein with fond memories.  At least their mortality rate wasn't a humanitarian catastrophe.  

    good for you america.  And you american, if you were real patriots, if you really cared for your country, you'd stand up and do something about your government's beligerence, before every other country on this planet decides that they are better off without the country named United States of America. If you were true patriots, you would have realized this long ago, and done something about it.

    Otherwise it would be interesting to look at the history books in the year 3000, when in one little box they make a mention the brief but catastrophic reign of the United States Wannabe empire, and how they crashed and burned like every other tyrannical empire before them.

    [tags]United States, america, bush, US, Iraq, death toll, Johns Hopkins, invasion of iraq[/tags] 

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    This is something that would never come up in Iran, due to its racially homogenous nature, however in Canada and France, the question of the Origin of your Teacher, is a fun hobby of students.  With my students in grade 8 i have managed quite well to keep the mystery alive.  They top three hypotheses for my origin among my students are:

    1. Portugese
    2. Anglophone (to them i guess that is a 'race')
    3. Pakistani (with honourable mention going to Iranian!)

     So for the moment i have said nothing.

    However, for Anne-Laure's first year university class (to him i give physics and chemistry oral examinations) the mystery has been solved.  They actually thought i was the guy in this commercial:

    00:31 – July 21, 2006

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    Bundle O’ Links IX

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    Bundle O’ Links – VIII

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    Who is Cyrus Nowrasteh?

    It's funny, more and more, i keep running into Iranians or Iranian-born Americans who are in high places in the US, and most of them are quite right-wing/republican. Here is the newest one. 

    I first found out about this guy, a short while ago while watching a funny clip from the Colbert Report, about the ABC Miniseries titled "Path to 9/11".  The reason i was looking for that was because of a link Jai had sent me about an interview that Bill Clinton recently had done on FOXnews, wherein he had lambasted the Newsman and the station.  

    The movie upon reading reviews of it, turned out to be exactly the kind of right wing propaganda one would expect.  It basically placed all the blame on the clinton administration for letting Bin Ladin escape (a point by the way that clinton defended by pointing out correctly, that at least he tried, whereas the bush adminstration in their first 9 months did not even acknowledge briefings from teh CIA regarding Bin Ladin & Co.)  

    Anyways, when i looked up the producting/writing credits for the miniseries, they were both attributed to one Cyrus Nowrasteh.  Now, i'd never heard of this guy before, and he is a youngster, relatively.  Born in Boulder, colorado.  But it appears he has already shown his mettle and style and political orientation, not because of THIS particular film, but his other films as well, the most notable one being A cinematization of Alan Dershowitz's  "The Advocate's Devil".  

    Just thought it was something interesting for you guys to know about.  

    [tags]clinton, FOXnews, ABC, cyrus nowrasteh, bin ladin, dershowitz, colbert[/tags] 

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    Bundle O’ Links – VII

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