Hey guys, here is somethign interesting.

Remember the last post aobut Cyrus Nowrasteh?  Well, remember i mentioned an interview with Bill Clinton on FOXnews.  Well, i was looking for the video, (the interview was sunday), and today i finally found it on YOUTUBE …

… HOWEVER… FOX has blocked the Video! When you do a search for "Bill Clinton" + "FOX" you get a list of the videos of the interview By Chris Wallace.  BUT when you actually try to get a video you get a page saying:

This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner Fox News Network, LLC because its content was used without permission

And you go down the list, it's the case with every single copy! So hmmm….i wonder what that means…..

Fortunately, for now, when you search for the video in Google Video, it is still accessible…and here it is, and it is FANTASTIC!

Part I: (it gets interesting after the 4th minute, i have to give him credit, the man knows how to carry himself properly, as much as we make fun of him)

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