UPDATE: The original video was blocked, so i’ve found another copy of it now on Youtube.

I came across this clip by accident. It is a segment from Ira Glass’s “this american life”. I did not know of this show, but it has begun running recently on Showtime i believe, and was originally an award-winnign radio show in the US on public radio.

This particular segment, which i found beautiful and powerful, is about an Iraqi who goes around the US, with a small wooden booth titled “talk to an iraqi”, and he just sits there and lets people come and ask to him.

What you see, is fascinating on a human level, on a psychological level, and helps explain a lot. For me it recofirmed the power of words. How many of the orindary americans (as well many ordinary people of ANY country) are able to regurgitate slogans that are fed to them, over and over by their governemnt, without the least bit of reflexion on their meaning.

i just found it so well down, because it was not emotional, not manipulative, simple and moving. Enjoy (and spread it if you like it):

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