I just listened to Mohsen Makhmalbaf, who’s been speakign – officially according to him – on behalf of Moussavi’s camp outside of the country.

He was just on BBC Persian, and he basically said that Ahmadinejad was in Russia, in order to ensure their backing against this uprising in exchange for caspian sea territory and other things.

He then literally used the term “russian backed coup d’etat” and comparing it directly the 1953 CIA-backed Coup d’etat against the Mossadegh saying that 22nd of khordad will from now on be mentioned in the same breath as 28 mordad.

I dont know about you, but that’s huge! both as an allegation, and if it is true.

For non-Iranian readers, let me give you some context.  Iranians are by their nature and history, quite conspiratorial, paranoid and suspicious of foreign governments (due to 2500 years of history, of invasions, wars, and betrayals).  If you think they have somethign against the american government, you should know that this suspicious pales in comparison to the two main most disliked, distrusted nations: The british, and Russia.  The english due to over 100 years of meddlign in teh region for oil profits, and Russia because of the tension due their borders and years of land grabs, and self-impositions due to Iran’s strategic position connecting the caspian and the persian gulf.

This is why, it is one reason that the Russian coup d’etat comment is understandable, and ‘close’ to the heart of Iranians.  But still when i first heard it, it is outrageous i thought.  However i guess when you think about it, Russia has MUCH to gain from infiltration in Iran, as a means of takign advantage of the current turmoil.

Furthermore, with Ahmadinejad in Moscow, shaking hands with Medvedev, Russia becomes one fo the few ‘big’ states that have acknowledge Ahmadi’s “legitimacy” as the duely re-elected iranian president.

I dont know what to think about this. What do you think?

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