Tehran, is the capital of Iran, and one of the biggest cities in the world (in terms of population as well as surface area).

Here are a few facts that i did NOT know about my old home town:

  • 280km of highways and 180 km of loops, ramps and exchanges! unparalleled in west asia.
  • Excavatios at the site of Tehran, put earliest settlements in that region to around 6000 BC!
  • Tehran has the longest metro line in the middle East after Tel Aviv, and 6th longest in Asia.
  • Tehran has the MOST BUST STOPS of any city IN ASIA. (i didnt see that one coming)
  • 27 people die PER DAY in Tehran, due to its bad air pollution.
  • Maximum numbers of deaths in a month due to pollution: 3600!!!
  • The Tehran Stock Exchange has been one of the world’s best performing exchanges in recent yeras
  • There are nearly 50 universities and colleges in teh Greater Tehran Area.
  • Tehran’s Azadi football stadium is the biggest in middle east, 3rd biggest in Asia, 4th biggest in the world (FIFA)
  • 10 minutes drive from Tehran will get you to Tochal Ski resort, 5th highest ski resort in the world (3730 metres), and its highest 7th station.
  • The Tehran Internation Book Fair is considered by the international publishing world to be the most important  publishing event in Asia and Middle East
  • Sister cities to Tehran include: New York City, LA, Toronto (yay), London, Beijing, Moscow and New Dehli (among others)

Cool. thank you wikipedia!

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